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Be good. Shop. is your online marketplace for sustainable and ethical shopping.  Our mission is make shopping good for everyone.   We know that given a choice we would all rather buy quality products that aren't harming our planet or the people who make them. We also know that your time is really precious, for these reasons we bring you Be good. Shop.  A place where you can make a positive impact in the world while you shop.  All products on the website have already been vetted for their sustainable credentials, so you can shop without the worry.      If you want to learn more about what we're up to, please read our blog and follow us on social media (sorry for all the cat pictures!) We make sure only to work with suppliers that share the values of Be good. Shop.  We look for suppliers who are values driven and understand there is a new way to make the products that we want to buy.  As much as we can, we use companies who are registered with the relevant governing body, such as British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers.  Some of our suppliers don't have any formal accreditation, but the way that they work aligns with the values of Be good. Shop.  An example is ashortwalk, which is an award winning design and manufacturing company based in Cornwall. Most of their products are made here in the UK from recycled materials.  They work with well known brands to turn their recycled waste into products.   We're always looking for more companies to work with so do make sure to tell us about a great company or product you think we should include, get in touch on our contact page. 

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