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Why is Ethical Shopping Such a Chore?

Posted on May 27 2016

So often when left with a little time to kill I find myself wandering into the nearest clothing store or shoe store.  My friends know I have a bit of a shoe problem… I find it interesting that throughout my life I have always been a champion of environmental and social issues, but when it came to shopping, I could rather easily ignore these.  I mean, organic food, yes.  Green cleaning products, definitely!  But did I ever really stop myself from buying a cute dress or jewellery because I didn’t know where it came from?  Honestly, no.  When I came across sustainable brands, I supported them, but this didn’t stop me from shopping on the high street as well. 

Yesterday was different.  I had a few hours between meetings in Central London.  I mean how else was I going to spend that time?!  So I went shopping.  I wandered from shop to shop.  “Oh a pair of super cute trousers for £30, bargain!”  Or is it??  Did I know if the workers were paid fair wages, if even at all?  No.  Had that company signed up to the Bangladesh Accord( to ensure that they didn’t support factories with unsafe working practices?  I just didn’t know.  This accord was brought about after the over 1100 people died and more than 2500 were injured when a building collapsed in the garment district of Dhaka.  People died; for greed, for our clothes.  There are still a few high street brands that have not signed up and this is not ok. 

In the end, I realised I wasn’t comfortable buying anything without knowing more about the policies (and more importantly the practices) of these companies.  Needless to say doing a bunch of research on the spot was out of the question.  Luckily I’ve later found there are some companies that are doing this research such as and

Will make sure I fully revise before hitting the high street again! 


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