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Great Ethical Companies I've Discovered

Posted on July 14 2016

I'm spending this week on holiday in Sitges, Spain.  Well I say holiday, there has been a little bit of work thrown in as well.  But really the work is fun.  Really fun.  I spend my morning searching the internet for companies I want to include in the shop and am coming across some of the most fantastic organisations out there.  It reassures me that the world is a wonderful place full of wonderful people.  Let me show you what I'm talking about:

Here is an example of one company which is totally reinventing how clothes can be made.  tonlé is a company based in Cambodia which operates a zero waste practice whilst making adorable clothes. Not only that, but they have adopted a different production model and human resource practices to ensure the best opportunities for their employees.  What a great example they are setting!  Be sure to check out their website for places to buy near you.  

How about Gossypium.  They make yoga gear from organic cotton.  How much easier will meditation be knowing that the clothes you're wearing are supporting organic cotton farmers? If you can't remember why organic cotton is so important watch The True Cost documentary or read a short article here.

And let's not forget my new two favourite shoe companies Veja and Po-Zu.  These guys are leading the way, using sustainable materials and ethical practices.  And their shoes are totally adorable.  Check my instagram if you don't believe me.  

This is one of the moments that I know I have made the right decision to change careers and start Be good. Shop.  I could be sitting by the pool right now, but frankly I'd rather be doing this.  My new life is about searching out great companies, making products you want, in ethical ways.  Then promoting them to ensure success for their companies and opportunities for their workers.  If Be good. Shop. succeeds, everyone wins. I truly believe that ethical shopping is the future.  By taking the hard work out of shopping in this way by putting all these great companies in one place I know that consumers will chose to buy from them instead of cheaply made alternatives where ethics and sustainability aren't a consideration.  Can't wait to open the shop.  But for now, I'm off to the pool!  



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