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Can you be Ethical in Fashion?

Posted on June 04 2016

I watched a documentary the other night and can highly recommend it.  For all you UK and US folks it’s on Netflix so no excuse not to see it. The film is called The True Cost (  In it, the director, Andrew Morgan, asks what the true cost of our clothes really is, from the social, health and environmental impacts.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s a LOT higher than you think.  The fashion industry is interestingly (or rather terrifyingly) the second most polluting industry on our plant or for that matter the entire universe!  Wow, just wow.  Whilst that is a terrifying message it is encouraging to know that this is entirely within our control to change.  Often when reading the news or watching documentaries I get overwhelmed and paralysed to inaction because the problem seems so big and I didn’t know how I could make an impact.  This is different, I can, well, we can, make a huge difference.  All we have to do is change our habits, and as the consumer base that these companies are producing for, we can force them to change how they operate.  If we stop buying clothes filled with chemicals, sewn by underpaid workers in unsafe environments, companies will no longer be able to continue these practices.  Pretty exciting, huh? 

A challenge I have for us all (myself included) is to question ourselves next time we go to buy a new dress for that party.  Do we really need a brand new dress?  Could we not accessorise an outfit differently?  Could we not borrow something from a friend?  Maybe even rent a dress ( Or buy something second hand ( Or maybe try swishing… (  If you must buy that dress, make sure you buying something sustainably made, like this one from People Tree:



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