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5 Ethical and Eco Friendly Women's Winter Coats

Posted on October 19 2017

Sorry to say but winter is nearly upon us.  At least that means you have an excuse to do a little shopping.  Here are 5 winter coats that stand up to some eco friendly and ethical scrutiny.  Have a favour eco friendly coat?  Share with us in the comments.


Hoodlamb organic cotton jacket


1. The Hoodlamb Ladies Classic, at €309 isn't the cheapest on the list, but it is certainly worth the price tag.  This completely vegan jacket's outer is made of hemp and organic cotton and is water and wind resistant.  The lining is made of faux fur, which is cleverly made using hemp, recycled plastic and acrylic fibers. All materials are organic and the dyes used are GOTS certified.  Additionally Hoodlamb is a member of One Percent for the Planet meaning at least 1% of annual revenues go to help create a more healthy planet.  All these eco friendly credentials aside, Hoodlamb make a very good coat.  This coat is designed to keep you warm to -10 Celsius and has loads of features like sunglasses pocket, headphone loops and a patented rolling paper dispenser.  I'm not kidding about the last one, but then Hoodlamb is based in Amsterdam so let's not judge! 


Phannatiq organic cotton and bamboo jacket



2. The Raven Jacket, by Phannatiq, £180, is likely the cosiest eco friendly jacket on the market. Made of organic cotton and bamboo this jersey style long coat is perfect to ward of that winter chill. Not only is this coat made of organic materials but Phannatiq are all about transparency.  They have worked relentlessly ensuring they know where all the elements of their clothes are sourced from.  No small feat!  Check out the details here. It's insane!  





Paramo Alondra Jacket


3. Páramo have a long history of ethical manufacturing.  In 1992 Páramo began a partnership with Miquelina Foundation in Bogotá, Colombia providing opportunities for vulnerable people such as women at risk of prostition and drugs. Now over 80% of their production happens at Miquelina and so carry the Worlds Fair Trade Organization Fair Trade label.They also offer recycling of any used Páramo garment (except nickers of course!) and you could get up to £50 of your next purchase.  They also make sure that no PFCs are used in the making of their jackets.  Check out the Woman's Alondra Jacket, £325, as if the ethical credentials weren't already great, for each Alondra Jacket sold, a tree is planted by Trees for Life.



Elda recycled poly and wool woman's coat from komodo sustainable fashion navy4. The Elda Wool & Recycled Poly Coat, £175 from Komodo is a great coat for those cold nights out on the town.  Fashionable and ethical ... awesome!  This one's made of 70% recycled polyester. Komodo clothing have been making ethical clothing since they started out.  They also have a long history of supporting various charity from Shelter UK to the Sumatran Orangutan Society, are a member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and have always support the use of eco fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton and hemp.  


5. Patagonia is one of the better known eco friendly fashion brands.  This recycled wool parka, £350 is a wonderful example of their attitudes towards sustainability.  The shell of this coat is made of 60% recycled wool 36% recycled polyester and 4% other fibers.  To keep you toasty warm it's filled with 55% recycled polyester.  Patagonia also ensure good working conditions and sound environmental practices through its supply chain. They have a long history of activism around environmentalism working hard to make sure the great outdoors is there for all to enjoy for generations to come. 



So go out, grab yourself a new eco friendly winter coat and stay warm and dry when you're buying all your eco friendly gifts this Christmas. Or better yet stay home and do all your shopping online at - we even have cards and gift wrap!  


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  • Michelle Jessmen: March 09, 2018

    Nice designs. I really like the Hoodlamb Classic – amazing use of hemp! Also like Finisterre’s range. Couple on here which also caught my eye:

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